Picking Wildflowers

There’s something childlike about picking wildflowers, don’t you think?

Often, I daydream about running through fields of wildflowers –– with a flowing, beautiful dress on (which I do not currently possess) and a crown made of flowers in my hair (which, running with my hair down? Bad idea).

This weekend, I spotted some flowers on the trail and decided to start making a small arrangement for the apartment. Bending down, plucking these little beauts from the ground brought me so much joy –– I felt like a kid. Even though I started gaining some odd looks from others (and losing Brian’s patience), I continued gathering and admiring the dainty bouquet I was forming flower by flower.

I dream of the day when I can let my own flowers roam and grow wildly. Until then, I’ll just keep on enjoying the little flowers I see along the way.