Snow Day

We’ve been having a few snow days this week here in Denver. Of course, knowing Denver weather, it’ll probably heat up to the 60’s by the weekend and all of the snow will melt! In the meantime, Murphy and Youkilis are loving it… and I have to say, I am too!

Being born & raised in Southern California (notice I said ‘California’… not ‘Cali’ < lol!), I didn’t really have a lot of interactions with snow, as you can imagine. My first real experience was when I was at college in Kansas. Apparently, my first year marked the heaviest snowfall Eastern Kansas had seen in a while –– what a welcome! I dreaded the snow after that. I hated being cold and was prepared emotionally or physically for any type of cold weather.

After moving from Kansas to Iowa FOR A BOY –– whom I love very much and now get the opportunity to call my husband 🙂 –– I was still very much in a love/hate relationship with snow. I loved looking at it through the window, while I snuggled up in my warm blanket and sipped my coffee. I hated going outside. After a few years, and many patient (on my husband’s end) trips to the outfitters store, I finally got my first pair of snow boots and my first, real winter coat.

YOU GUYS. Game-changer. Who would have thunk it 🙂

So, needless to say, I quite like when it snows now. We love getting outside during the winter when we can. Since moving to Colorado, we got into skiing a little bit, but honestly… how much money do we really want to spend for that? We’d much rather snowshoe with the pups 🙂

Has it snowed yet where you are?