9 Tips For Spring Cleaning

It’s officially Spring (at least it sometimes is here in Denver), and it’s time for so major cleaning. Brian and I have had the Spring cleaning bug for a week or two now and it has been lovely.

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Here are a few Spring tasks we’ve completed with a couple tips:

  1. Wipe down everything! Holy moly ––you would have sworn we had never dusted. Dressers, walls, floor boards, fans.. you name it. For the wood, I used Pledge cleaner; for the walls, just a damp rag.
  2. Floors! We have carpet in the bedrooms and luxury vinyl wood everywhere else. We did a deep vacuum in the bedrooms –– all of the corners and edges, and even when over the carpet twice. For the vinyl wood, I typically just use a Swiffer (sweeper and mop) –– it does the trick! Here’s a tip: sprinkle baking soda on your carpet (or sofa!) and work it in a little –– then vacuum!
  3. Take everything out of your closet! This is where we spent most of our time and efforts. We KNEW we had way more than we needed, like most people I’m assuming. We took everything (and I mean everything) out of our closets/dressers and put them into one big pile –– Marie Kondo style. We went through piece by piece and separated out the ones we wanted to keep. It’s an amazing feeling to finally let go of something that you’ve had 3 years too long! Here’s a tip: when sorting though your clothes (or anything), make 4 piles: keep, donate, throw away, & sell.
  4. Buy a robotic vacuum! Okay, maybe this won’t be on everyone’s Spring to-do list, but it was on mine. I’ve wanted a robotic vacuum ever since I saw it on Parks & Rec (tv show.. DJ Roomba drop a beat!). At first, I actually didn’t think they’d be a good investment for us –– we have two big dogs who love shedding all year round. But the more I looked into it, there were A LOT that had really good reviews for picking up pet hair. So, we finally welcomed a Deebot N79s (<– big, scary affiliate link) to the family, Miss Dee as we like to call her, and she is AMAZING! I was confident in my review research, but was still surprised at how well she cleans! We’ve been running her once a day and our floors are spotless!
  5. Refresh your candle stash! Does anyone else tend to buy a lot of Christmas candles and end up burning them in summer? We love a good candle all year round, but they do tend to be seasonal (in terms of scents). Apple Cinnamons and Evergreens have been taken off duty in our house and replaced with Fresh Linens/Cottons, and Light Lemons. Here’s a tip: I get so annoyed when candle wicks run out and leave a good amount of wax. Keep the wax and reuse in a Scentsy! 
  6. Laundry! Wash everything! Clothes, bedding, towels, blankets and dog beds (if you have them). It felt like I spent two days doing laundry, but I did everything –– even the towels and bedding that we hadn’t been using.
  7. Add some greenery! I absolutely love grabbing a couple plants for the house in the spring. Adding some new greenery always makes my house feel a little fresher for some reason. See my plant recommendations here!
  8. Change a room around! Rearranging rooms is my all-time favorite, and this year I focused on our bedroom. Our room is basically a rectangle and, initially, we had our bed centered on the longest wall, with a desk on one side and a dresser on the other (both hugging the bed). Maximizing floor space is my motto going into this year, and a quick bed flip to shorter wall was all it took to make our room look way bigger!
  9. Declutter! No, I do not need these cute little trinkets all over my dresser… haha! But seriously.. put ’em away or give ’em away. Here’s a tip: baskets and bins are awesome at storing items not in use. For any decor items, I store them in a bin and rotate them in and out when I’m wanting something new. 

We’re still cleaning, clearing and decluttering, but I thought I’d share what we’ve done so far!

Have you done any Spring cleaning yet?