My Trip To Germany

At the end of January, I was lucky enough to go to Germany for a work trip. I was overjoyed at the chance, mainly because I haven’t travelled outside of the US much –– never in my adult life. I’ve never made traveling a priority –– Bri and I are focusing on other things that are important to us –– but I absolutely want to travel more… especially after this trip.

The aim was Frankfurt, Germany. My boss –– literally one of the best women I know –– and I were to attend Creativeworld, which is the world’s biggest trade fair for the DIY industry. Our week was pretty full of all-things-crafty and work, but that didn’t stop us from exploring a bit, hanging out with some friends, and eating fantastic food!

We ended up staying in a VRBO apartment in Dreieich, which is about 6 miles south of Frankfurt. This apartment was massive and very nicely decorated. It was owned by a husband and wife who lived in the apartment below, and most of the furniture was made by them –– it was incredible.

There ended up being six of us in the apartment –– my boss and myself, three of our product designers and one of their husbands (lucky guy! haha). It was actually really cool because I had never met these designers face-to-face –– they all live in the Netherlands. It was nice to finally meet them in person after talking with them all so much via email.

Because I work in the creative industry, having all of these women in one house was awesome. They are all so talented and the conversations and ideas just kept flowing. Most nights were late nights –– after we got back from dinner, there’d be wine and craft projects out on the table and we’d all be gabbing away. For me, someone who mostly works behind the computer, it was great to just be around these creators and gain a little insight into their process.

As I said before, we were there to attend Creativeworld. We were one of the vendors, so we had our own booth and were able to connect with other vendors and potential customers. It was so much and I really enjoyed meeting and talking with everyone there. Most of the people I talked to were shop owners, who carry craft products. They come to shows like these to find new brands to sell in their stores. I LOVE talking to shop owners and hearing about their stores –– they have such a passion for creativity and are always a joy to talk to.

My FAVORITE part of my trip to Germany (obviously besides the people) was the food, hands-down! I’m not even going to pretend that I know anything about the cuisine, but everything I had there was amazing. I pretty much had wiener schnitzel every night –– sorry, I’m not sorry. It was the most delicious thing I have most likely ever had, and I’m 100% going to try to recreate it. I tried the beer, apfelwine, wiener schnitzel (of course), spatzle, apfelstrudel.. something called a Pikantes Hankas’ Pfannchen –– all of it was incredible!

I’m still dreaming (and drooling) about all of this food!

Frankfurt, Germany!

I had a blast and I feel so lucky that my company needed me to help out at the show 🙂 I will gladly go work any show if it’s anything like this one! To end, here are some more pictures of my time in Frankfurt…. Tschüss!!