10 Etsy Stores You Should Check Out

One of my favorite things to do is browse shops on Etsy. Having unique & handmade pieces in our home is something Brian and I really like, and I love supporting the talented creators & makers!

There are over 1.98 million sellers on Etsy… yea… 1.98 MILLION! Just think of all of those cute little shops that don’t get seen! Today, I’m sharing a list of Etsy shops that I think you should check out. I tend to browse shops that aren’t crazy expensive, but there are a few higher-priced shops in there too. Be sure to visit these shops and show them some love if anything speaks to you. Enjoy!

1. FreshPottery

Shop owner: Sharon Boneh. This shop is filled with GORGEOUS pottery! Visit the shop here.

2. BijouLimon 

Shop owner: Kristina Bijou Limon. Tons of beautiful & interesting jewelry! Visit the shop here.

3. The Noisy Plume

Shop owner: Jillian Lukiwski. I could literally do an entire post about her (and I might). I’ve followed her for a while and her pieces are works of art. Visit the shop here.

4. CosyAurora

Shop owner: Eve. The patterns are simple & incredible, and each item is beautifully crafted. Visit the shop here.

5. The Good Candle Company

Shop owner: Ally Gould. I love a good candle and I love silliness –– this shop is everything I could have ever wanted. Visit the shop here.

6. Blue Barn Shop

Shop owner: Leah, aka my best friend. She’s incredibly talented and loves making things with her hubby! They fill the shop constantly with new items and have even started making gorgeous wood pieces; including furniture, dinnerware, etc. Visit the shop here.

7. CozyGal

Shop owner: Linda C. If it was acceptable to wear graphic tees everyday, I would do it. These are simple but super cute! Visit the shop here.

8. Sunflower Sticker Co

Shop owner: Maggie. These stickers are so adorable and would brighten anyone’s day! Visit the shop here.

9. Beholden Life

Shop owner: Steph. Simple designs with beautiful & thoughtful phrases. This shop is gold baby, solid gold! Visit the shop here.

10. Mihotch Stitch

Shop owner: Miho. This shop owner can work wonders with a sewing machine! These patterns and designs are so beautiful. Visit the shop here.

I hope you take some time to visit these shops! If you have any other Etsy shops you love, share them in the comments below!