6 Easy Valentine’s Day Projects

I work for a crafting company, which means I get the opportunity to explore my creativity from time to time. We sell some amazing products –– stamps, die sets, paper, etc. –– and I love thinking of new ways to use them! This month, I made a few projects for Valentine’s Day that I thought I’d share with you:

I had seen someone do this on Pinterest once and I really wanted to recreate it! I took a heart die and cut out 4 hearts to make the balloons! So cute!

Using felt with our die sets has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I just cut out 2 hearts from our die set, threw some fuzz in the middle and sewed them together! I definitely need to work on my sewing skills…. but we won’t get into that 🙂 My friend even suggested that I could make these to hold potpourri!

One of the products we sell are die sets that cut out paper flowers! Love, love, LOVE! These are really fun to make, but are typically placed on cards, etc. I wanted to create a 3D flower that could actually be placed in a vase or used as decor in another way! Future goal with these: paper flower crown!

I never realized how much I love watercoloring! This is so simple and can be used with so many shapes, etc.! I was thinking it’d be too simple, but once I placed it in the frame it all came together.

I’ve been wanting to create garland with our products since I’ve started working at the company. This garland is such an easy idea for parties, holidays, etc.! After realizing just how easy making this was, I’m definitely making more of these.

Again, I found a project like this on Pinterest and immediately had to recreate it! My company sells the patterned paper and the die sets for both the hearts and tree. This isn’t just perfect for Valentine’s Day, but a cute idea for a wedding/engagement gift as well! This one was Brian’s favorite 🙂

I wouldn’t call myself an amazing crafter, but I enjoy it and that’s what counts right? It’s a hobby that not only relaxes me, but it also helps me better understand my company’s products and customers –– win/win!

Happy Valentine’s Day, and Happy Crafting! ❤