5 Plants To Get This Spring For Your Home

I don’t know when I officially became obsessed with plants & flowers, but it’s been pretty serious. Just last year, I brought home 4 plants in one month. Okay, maybe it’s not that bad… but you just wait until we get into a house –– I’m going to be buying and planting like crazy!

Especially inside the home, I just think plants & flowers make it feel brighter and cleaner –– don’t you?

As the first day of Spring (yes, that’s today!), I decided to put together a list of 5 plants I’ve been eyeing this year. I can’t wait to welcome these babes into our home!

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Live Ficus Lyrata

I absolutely love the big leaves on the Ficus, or Fiddleleaf Fig. These are pretty easy to take care of: it needs bright filtered light and water only when the soil feels dry. It makes such a big statement!


These little succulents are so adorable! Succulents are drought-tolerant, which means they only need little water to thrive –– perfect for someone like me who is forgetful. 🙂

Aloe Vera

I love Aloe Vera plants! I use them all the time on razor burn or other little cuts. Again, these are really easy to take care of –– place it in a bright & warm spot and water it every couple of weeks.

Snake Plant

I love how the Snake Plant looks, don’t you? Also, the fact that the leaves don’t really fan out makes it (1.) interesting; and (2.) easier to decorate with because I don’t have to worry about the leaves resting on the floor. These are SO easy –– water once a week and can literally be in any room of the house, no matter the light.

Phalaenopsis Mini Orchid

Last, but certainly not least. This beauty makes me happy just looking at it. Again, it’s really easy to take care of this Orchid –– water once a week and works great in low/medium lights. My sister-in-law has had this in her home since, I think, Spring of last year and it it gorgeous!

Will definitely be getting all of these at some point this year… 🙂 How about you?

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*Please note that these plants may not be animal-friendly! Do your research before purchasing for the safety of your furry ones 🙂