The Lost Art Of Letter-Writing

I have three pen-pals –– like, elementary-school-status pen-pals. We handwrite long letters to each other and mail them, via the old school postal service. Crazy… I know.

Letter-writing has been something I have always loved –– life just got in the way, as it does. Recently, I just decided that I’d post something on my Instagram page, inviting friends to become my pen-pal –– to my surprise, three people responded! I was convinced I was a weirdo and no one would want to take the time to write me a letter –– I was wrong!

Since the end of February, we’ve been writing letters back and forth to each other. It’s far more personal than texting, and we can connect more with each other’s lives than social media! We have deepened our connection –– even if we weren’t the closest of friends when we started out on this journey.

Letter-writing has truly become a lost art, don’t you think? For me, handwriting letters is a meaningful way to connect with another person. It gives you a chance to whole-heartedly focus on the person you’re writing to –– and, in turn, it makes me feel really special to read the words someone else has chosen for me. Just simply seeing an envelope in the mail pile addressed to me, knowing it’s not another bill or credit card offer, makes me smile a little brighter.

We need more of the things that make us smile –– and, more importantly, we need more things that make others smile as well.

What are your thoughts on handwriting letters?