6 Dog-Friendly Plants For Your Home

A couple of months ago, I wrote “5 Plants To Get This Spring For Your Home“, where I shared some of the plants I was looking to get this year for our home! (You can read that here!)

Today, I thought I’d write a similar post, but for all those dog-lovers! Bri and I have two pups –– Murphy and Youkilis, who you’ll see in most of my pictures on Instagram. Although we’ve never had an issue with them eating/chewing our plants, I thought it wise to provide such list –– and reach for these plants instead of ones that may be toxic to them.

It’s supposed to be Spring here in Colorado, but as I’m writing this… snow is falling heavily outside. Typically by this time, our porch is packed full of beautiful flowers and plants I have to have. But sadly, this year our porch is empty. In an effort to make myself feel better about the weather, I’ve put together a list of 6 Dog-Friendly Plants For Your Home!

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African Violet

Super low-maintenance and grows in low-light! These come in a few different colors are are perfect little corners, or rooms that don’t get much light!

Air Plant

These may look a little odd, but they’re strangely beautiful, don’t you think? These, again, are low-maintenance –– they don’t need soil to grow! I’m thinking about getting one to hang.

Boston Fern

So, I didn’t realize this: true ferns are safe for pets, but there are some plants that have ferns in their names but ARE NOT pet-safe. The Boston fern and maidenhair fern are true ferns and, therefore, safe for pets. Good thing I LOVE the Boston fern!

Spider Plant

Not only this plant is safe for your fur-babies, but it also removes toxic gases from the air! Win-win! These are cool-looking plants and are really easy to take care of!


I listed Orchids in my other plant list as well, but I love them so much I had to list them twice 🙂 These are so beautiful and make such a statement, wherever you set them. They thrive in indirect light.

Prayer Plant

These 👏plants 👏are 👏so 👏cool! Not only do the leaves have a very unique pattern, they fold up when the dusk falls… how cool is that? It’s also a great air-purifying plant!

These are all great options for dog-friendly households. Before buying any plant, make sure you do your research!

Hope your day brings you a little more sunshine than were getting her in Colorado!