Minnesota, Here We Come!

It’s official. We’re making the move.

Colorado has been very good to us –– we both found great careers with amazing companies, we got to spend time with good friends and family, and we had a lot of new experiences. Of course, we will be leaving a lot of people behind here which makes the move a little bittersweet. On the one hand we will miss our friends dearly, but on the other we’re really excited for this next chapter in our lives.

At times, it overwhelmed us how out of place we felt here in CO. It never truly felt like home, which sucks to hear me say now. For two years, we felt like we were just visiting –– maybe because we had already checked out? Regardless, it’s just not the place for us… and that’s okay!

We’re just Midwest people. (And if you’re not from the Midwest, you might not get what I mean.) Quickly after we moved to Colorado, we knew that we’d make it back to the Midwest at some point. We are also really happy to be bringing our jobs with us to MN, not only because it makes it a little less stressful, but also because we love the companies we work for. We’re so fortunate for the things Colorado has given to us.

Other than that, the move is upon us! We’re packing like crazy everyday after work, and trying to make sure we’re checking off things on our to-do list: Stop & forward mail. Packing fragile items extra well. Reserve the moving truck. Find & reserve a storage unit. Doctor referrals. Get dogs registered in MN. Stop utilities. Set up utilities… there’s just so much!

What are some movings tips you have? Seriously… we could use the help!