AllieUffda is here!

Hello friends!

First off, I wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season! Hope you all enjoy your time with family and friends or, at the very least, take some time to yourself to relax and recharge for the new year.

Things are finally slowing down in our household. I just finished my fall classes and my work just got out for winter break, so I have a solid week of absolutely nothing. (What a great feeling!) This fall kicked my butt –– I was so busy and barely had time to breathe. I’m so lucky to have Bri, as he really picked up the slack.

In my last post, I introduced my new name: Allie Uffda. Today, it’s official! If you haven’t noticed, I’ve made some changes to my site and my URL has changed too! Read my last post here to see why I changed the name and for more ways to connect.