New Name, Who Dis?

Hello everyone! It has been such a long time, and I have SO many updates.

But first, I wanted to give you a little heads-up: I’m changing my website name from Casualeigh to Allie Uffda. If you take a look at my website, I’ve already changed some details, but I will be making more changes in the upcoming weeks.


This past year I started a YouTube channel, and I’ve decided to rebrand my website for consistency’s sake. I have found that I really enjoy making videos and love sharing life here in Minnesota, and YouTube is just another way I can do that. It is my intention to continue writing on this site in the future, and it just made sense in my head to bring it all together.

So, keep an eye out in the future for ‘Allie Uffda’! It’s still me – just a different name 🙂 Check out my social media below if you want to follow along.