Making Yourself A BadA$$ Playlist

Everyone has those songs that makes them feel so energized, they feel like they can take on the whole world. I decided to create a playlist of songs that motivate me, and I think you should too!

For the past 4 months or so, I’ve been slowly creating a playlist that makes me feel like an absolute B.A. I don’t listen to it often. When I need extra motivation to answer those emails that are piling up or need to get fired up to workout, I play this playlist. I’ll only have to listen to one or two songs, and then I’m ready to go.

It’s important to note, though, that I only listen to this playlist when I absolutely need to. This is not something that I listen to daily, because I have found that the magical powers of motivating songs start to dwindle the more and more I listen them –– it becomes normal… too normal. Instead, this is a playlist that I hardly ever play. Sometimes you just need a kick in the butt to get going –– this is that for me.

So, I thought I’d share the songs that are on my playlist, named I AM!. I named this I AM! because of my affirmations this year –– I wanted songs that would make me feel strong, happy and capable.

Here are some of the songs that are currently on my playlist. Note: some of these songs are explicit –– I can’t help it if they pumped me up!

Do you have a playlist that makes you feel unstoppable? What songs do you have on yours? If haven’t made yourself one, I encourage you to!