The Highlight Of My Day

I think it’s important to take some time –– daily or weekly –– to sit down and talk about the positives in your life.

I’m not just talking about the major things –– health, family, friends –– I’m talking about the little things that make up your day, the intricacies that help you get through your daily grind. Acknowledging the good (even when your day is super shitty) is a much better way to end the day, don’t you think?

It’s way too easy to get caught up in the not-so-good things that happen in our lives: “I feel twice my size today”, “I had a bad day at work”, “The bills never stopped coming”, etc. We all have days that –– there’s just no other way to say it –– suck.

But, continuing to focus on the negatives is detrimental. It can quickly become a habit and spread like wildfire throughout your life. You will find yourself starting to look for everything that’s going wrong, whether it’s in your control or not. You’ll start expecting it. You’ll start enabling it. It’s a vicious cycle that so many of us have succumbed to, one time or another.

Bri and I have fallen into that a few times throughout the years –– as I said, it’s easy to do! We are people that want to continually progress, so falling into these holes is something we want to try to quickly fix. To combat this, we’ve started taking time to talk about the highlight of our days.

“The highlight of my day was…”

It’s as simple as it sounds –– we share the good. Instead of dwelling on all of the bad things we can think of, we talk about something awesome that happened or that we have in our lives. We don’t do this daily, but I don’t think we have to. The effects of ending our day on a positive note spreads to the rest of our lives, just as the negativity does.

If you’d prefer to do exercises like this by yourself, I’ve even started writing these in my journal at the end of the days that I need it! Every line starts with “The highlight of my day was..” followed by a quick thought to finish the sentence.

Either way you practice this, it’s a great way to infuse a little positivity in your life. Let me know what types of reflection/positivity exercises you do in the comments below!