My 2019 Affirmations

This year, I will improve myself –– mentally, physically & emotionally. In order to do that, I’ve laid out a plan and set goals for myself. Something that I think is just as important as my goals, are my affirmations.

Affirmations are a great tool to have because, in a world where negativity & self-doubt easily infiltrates our lives, it’s important to have positive reminders. These affirmations are new for me this year, but I can already see the difference they have been making.

I wanted to share these with you, in hopes that it would motivate you to write down your own. At the very least, just the exercise of writing down your affirmations is beneficial –– it forces you to really think about not only who you are, but who you’re wanting to be as well. I broke them down into 4 sections –– ‘I am’, ‘I can’, ‘I will’ and ‘I’.

Here are my 2019 Affirmations:

  • I am strong
  • I am beautiful
  • I am kind
  • I am thoughtful
  • I am capable
  • I can keep promises to myself
  • I can be confident
  • I can make good habits
  • I can be great at my job
  • I can be me
  • I will make the time to work out
  • I will listen to my heart & not the opinions of others
  • I will see things through
  • I will be someone others can count on
  • I will succeed
  • I love
  • I deserve
  • I believe
  • I inspire
  • I choose

Get out a piece of paper and a pen, right now. Take some time and write down your affirmations, and place them somewhere you’ll see them daily, or take some time every week to reread them.

What we think about ourselves and our future selves is so powerful. And guys, your thoughts & words hold a lot of weight. What you tell yourself is extremely important, and I encourage you to at least be aware of those things are.

There’s a great podcast by Tony Robbins where he’s working with business owners who have given in to their negative beliefs. He talks about how these thoughts are ultimately just machinations of their greatest fears, and that they only have power if you believe them. That hit home –– too many times I convince myself I can’t do something, or that I look a certain way, or that it won’t work out for me. Anyone else?

I encourage you to join me this year in writing down your affirmations. You have the power –– take it!